Insense is something of a well-kept secret in the Norwegian metal scene. While the country is renowned for its Black Metal, Insense has steered away anything remotely close to corpse paint and satan worshipping in monochrome forests. Their sound is all their own. They’ve been compared to everything from Machine Head to Dillinger Escape Plan, from Pantera to Strapping Young Lad, from Slipknot to Meshuggah. The truth is, while of course being huge fans of all the aforementioned, Insense doesn’t sound like any of them.

Insense started out as a technical metal outfit in 1999 and has slowly but surely refined their sound, via a very aggressive second record, to the more modern Insense sound of technically impressive riffs and melodic desperation. In their 15 year life span, the band has toured every nook and cranny of their scandinavian home turf, played with metal titans like In flames, Demon Hunter, The Devin Townsend Project and Ghost, to mention a few. Insense’s live shows are known to be brutal and chaotic, yet performed with surgical precision, and the crowd always get their moneys worth. After a Norwegian Grammy nomination for the last album, Insense presents their fifth installment, De:Evolution. 14 tracks of desperate aggression, with a more mature and even more modern approach.

Tommy Hjelm (Beaten To Death) – Vocals/Guitar
Martin Rygge (Beaten To Death) – Guitar
Ola Hana -  Bass
Truls Haugen (Circus Maximus) – Drums